Sunday, July 27, 2014

I hit the mother load!!!! Keep calm and craft on!

Okay- I have had these ideas floating around in my mind ever since I have seen teachers post their classroom pictures on Pinterest or Facebook and I am SOOOOO happy that I was able to do some similar projects today!!
This morning, my mom and my twinkie girls and I headed out to Michael's in search of cupcake ribbon and anything that would go with my SWEET TREATS theme....I hit the MOTHER LOAD!!!
The cupcake Duck Tape is going to be used to make their writing folders.  I use BLUE folders for their English writing and RED folders for their Spanish writing and I put the tape on the spines of the folders to keep them together! I did this last year and at first, I was skeptical that they would last all year but they did!  
I also used the tape to make my cardboard baskets that I purchased from Target look nice and pretty! 


Then, I found the ribbon!!! I still have some baskets at work that I need to do but I did the ones that I had at home!

I am planning on going to my building tomorrow to drop some stuff off into my classroom and maybe I will be able to grab some more bins to work on!

Also, I got this GREAT idea to make an "oven" for a storage display in my classroom.  My daughters helped me paint today!

Here is what it looks like now:

I have to give it some touch ups and then I am going to add the designs and templates to make it look like a real oven!!!!

I also purchased aprons, thin cupcake ribbon, and fabric markers plan is to make an apron that I can wear when I am meeting with my guided reading groups so the students know that I am working with a group and I can't be disturbed unless there is an emergency...I used a crown last year but I had to throw it away because it broke. I think the apron will be cute...maybe I can even find a chef's hat to add to the outfit!!!!

I still have a little over a month of summer left and even though I am getting a lot accomplished, I still have a lot to do!  Hope I can get it all done!! 
When do you go back to work?

Happy teaching!

Alyson Hennessy

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