Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It has been awhile!!!! Sorry!

Sorry everyone for not posting things lately!! =(  I have been REALLY busy with my classwork and school work.  I am trying to get my Portfolio completed for my APPR as well!!! I can't believe we are already in April!!
Hope everyone had a great Spring Break and Easter! Mine was FANTASTIC! Had a few hiccups with my girls (sick =(  )  but we were able to go to many places and see many friends!!! They are at a great age! We had a egg hunt and I set up their baskets with little rabbit footprints leading up to the basket! They were so excited!!! Usually by the end of the vacation, the girls are fighting with each other because they are together 24/7 but this is the first time they were getting along ALL OF THE TIME! I was shocked!!!! It was  hard to go back to work but, I know my little ones are in good hands and they LOVE going to school!!!!!! They were excited to go back!
I was happy to see my students and they all seemed to have a great vacation and Easter as well!!
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I have some great center activities in both English and Spanish that my students are having so much fun with! They say to me, "Mrs. Hennessy, did you make this?" and I tell them yes and they think I am the coolest person in the world! =)

Here are some pictures from today.  We are studying Silabas Trabadas in Spanish, or blends.  We made sombrillas with our BR blends and un dia nublado with our BR blends.  They had fun!  I also have pictures of my AY/AI centers and anchor chart and our Silabas Inversas activity-very similar to the concept of Bossy R in English
Sombrilla with BR blends

Read around the room for AY/AI words

What words will you find in the Easter Egg? They LOVED this!!!!!!!!

Great for ESL students-Match the correct word to the picture (AY/AI words)

Cut and glue the correct AY/AI words to complete the sentence.

My anchor chart!!!!

My Silabas inversas program on Easiteach

The students had to cut out words that had Silabas inversas and glue them onto the R because our syllables had R with the vowels

My Easiteach program with BL/BR blends, along with information about the activity we did today

Cute sombrillas!!!

Getting Started!!

The students LOVE when things are hands on! I have a few who do take awhile to do projects with a lot of copying/cutting so I do help them out or have them write less words on the templates.  
We are getting started with Flowers, plants, frogs, How-to writing, and also more vowel digraphs!!! Keep checking my TpT store for more stuff!!

Have a great week everyone!! We had AMAZING weather here today-hope it stays!
Happy Teaching!

Alyson Hennessy