Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Can't believe that January is almost over....

Wow! I feel like I blinked and January is over! We did SOOOOOO many things in the classroom this month and I tried to keep up with pictures! I am also working on creating my own TpT store!
I am back in classes this semester and I am already tired! That can't be a good sign!
All week we have been working on verbs this week. To help them identify verbs in Spanish, I found this great resource from a speech/language website.  The students are familiar with the basic sentence structure of "El nino/La nina puede" and then we worked on what a verb was and created a circle map of verbs.  I purchased the pictures below from TpT-Fran Lafferty-and the students then played "Charades" to act out different verbs! They are having fun learning about verbs!
Anyway, here are some great things that we did this month!  

Our "Verbos" circle map

Here is our groundhog puppet we are making in the art center this week! We can't wait to see what happens February 2nd! 

 More fun with verbs!

Last week was digraphs! They sorted pictures.

Oh my goodness! Did they love this activity!!!!! I found the "Angry Birds" activity on TpT/Pinterest and translated it into Spanish! The kids had a BLAST writing about their birds! We first talked about actions or verbs that they see in the game. We then sorted them as "Verbos Enojados/Angry Verbs" and "Verbos que no son enojados/Not Angry Verbs".  The students then had to pick 3 verbs. First they finished 2 sentences and then they had to write their own! They were so excited!

I differentiated the work for a few of my students.  A few of them still are having a lot of trouble with it so they just had to pick 3 verbs to write down.

Our list!

So cute!

My bulletin board display-we don't have bulletin boards so I create sections in the hallway to display the work

Angry Birds!

Love it!

Next week is Magic E!!! I have a million activities planned!! Don't worry, I will include pictures for you!
Have a great week everyone!!!!!

Alyson Hennessy

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