Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I am the worst blogger ever....

Ok my school year has come and gone and I did not blog as much as I swore I would and I am super super sorry about is amazing how time just passes by and how much needs to get done in a short amount of time...I missed over 7 days in June for testing and training purposes.  I am on 2 summer curriculum writing teams this summer and we started adapting and changing our math to make it more parent/student/teacher friendly for next year...we are also working on writing and creating a Spanish curriculum that implements the ESTRELLITA phonics program! I am very excited about that! I have been working super hard on creating new and interactive products for next year AND also products that go with my awesome new classroom theme which is...SWEET TREATS!!! I have been planning this theme since last summer! I used the HOLLYWOOD theme for 2 years and loved it but felt it was time for a change....I have even been working on centers that follow the theme!!!
My goal for next year with my students is to keep fostering independence in their learning and to make them confident readers and writers.  I want my students to not only know the reading skills and strategies but how and when to use them. I want them to be able to edit and improve their writing.  I already know my group of firsties for next year and most of the parents and I can't wait!!
Here are some pictures of my latest products!
My good friend who teaches K is SUPER excited about the watches and I can't wait to use them as review!
My next product in the works is going to focus on reading skills and strategies..I "mustache" you...are you ready for it?
I also joined Twitter....find me and follow me @dynamicduallang

Until next time (I PROMISE it won't be months!)
Alyson Hennessy

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