Friday, July 24, 2015

Curriculum Writing leads to Organization!

Today, my dual language team from my building met to enhance and improve our dual language Spanish curriculum maps.  We created these documents last summer using a technique that is similar to the "backwards by design" model.  We want our students to be success as they learn their L2 (second language) and we needed to focus on key concepts, rather than just cover what the curriculum says.  Each grade decided they were going to focus on certain key phonics and writing concepts to ensure positive success and self-esteem as they learned Spanish.
My director purchased this book for us and I LOVE it!!! It has some great tips and information that I can't wait to implement next year in my classroom!

So as we create our maps and we work on our phonics and writing/grammar focus, I think how I can have the students practice and reinforce these skills during centers or independent practice.  In years past, I have had bins upon bins of bags full of papers and worksheets and centers and I honestly would forget about some great items or products or just keep adding to the pile until my bins were unorganized and out of control.  I did some MAJOR cleaning in my classroom before the school year ended and I won't even begin to tell you how much I had to recycle or trash. I created this instead:
Inside, I have 4 different sections-phonics, sight words, writing, and seasonal.  As I work on my maps, I can take out my games and activities and place them in the correct order of how I will teach the skill. Right now, they are not in the correct order but once my curriculum map is finished, I can move the sheets and sheet protectors around.
You may see some great products form Bilingual Scrapbook, Gracieface learning, Lidia Barbosa and Nicole and Eliceo, as well as some products I have created that are in my TpT store.  There are also products that I have found on The Learning Patio.  If you are a bilingual or dual language teacher, I REALLY suggest you check out this site!! There is a membership fee but it is worth every penny!!!! They have interactive activities and TONS of printables!!!!! 

This flip book is from The Learning Patio-I print out this page and a page with pictures.  The students highlight the syllable and then they cut and glue the pictures to the correct syllable. 

As I use things and print them out, I plan to add to this binder as the year goes on.  My English binder is a mess but I am doing a similar thing with those centers.  
On a side note-I am really stressing about my classroom.....I know I have a month but I feel that that is not enough time!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else feel the same way????? 

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