Monday, January 20, 2014

Pinterest links!

Yay! Now you can PIN my pictures and links onto Pinterest! I finally figured it out!!! =) So they are calling for nasty weather starting tomorrow afternoon until Wednesday morning...cold temps, wind, and TONS of snow....I am REALLY hoping that my after school meeting is cancelled and that we have a snow day on Wednesday...I HATE driving in the snow! I was busy this weekend...I uploaded 3 new products, including a FREEBIE!!
We are getting ready for our AIMSweb so we have been practicing Nonsense Words through center activities and playing games.  I send home a nonsense word sheet for the month to have the students practice at home as well!  
Tomorrow, we continue with Bossy R in English, story structure, and la letra J in Spanish!  I am trying a new project with story structure...if it works, I will post it on TpT!  *fingers crossed*  Trying to make it fun for the kiddies!

Happy teaching everyone!

Alyson Hennessy

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