Saturday, August 31, 2013


Okay friends!!! I am having a SALE from today through 9/02!!! ALL items in my store are 15% off!!!!!!  Getting ready to go back to school!!!!!
I start back on the 3rd with training and presentations and the kiddies come back on the 9th!!!! Go to my store and check out my products!! Hurry!!!
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School activities!

So I am preparing activities to do for the first week of school!!! And of course, it is all about MODELING MODELING MODELING, right??? So up first....
Cafeteria Expectations by Rowdy in Room 300!

So in K, our little ones have their classroom aide that goes with them to the cafeteria and help them with EVERYTHING...then in 1st, no one!  We don't have aides in the cafeteria, just teachers who volunteer their time to do so and usually during the first week, there is no one =(  So as you can probably imagine, it gets PRETTY chaotic during the 1st grade lunch period.  Too bad I didn't have this activity last year....I could have TOTALLY used this!!!!
So on the first day, I plan on completing this AWESOME activity.  We are going to discuss positive cafeteria behaviors and create a class list.  They are going to sign this list, similar to how I do my RULES for the classroom.  I REALLY want to find a way to keep these up in my room all year because I feel this will be really important to reference!  After we have our discussion and create our list, they will get to work creating their own lunch boxes!

Next up....
How to be successful in 1st grade from Abby Mullins
This activity comes in an AMAZING back to school packet on TpT. The students create a backpack with a pocket and then on the inside, they have their list of what they need to be successful in 1st grade.   Being a dual language teacher, we make our list bilingual!
So, if you need something to do during that first week of school, go find these activities on TpT RIGHT NOW!!! =)

Happy teaching!
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!  Teachers and staff go back the 3rd and 4th, we are off the 5th and 6th for the Jewish Holidays, and then students start the 9th!! I am ready (I think!)....

Alyson Hennessy

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New products...last week of summer =(

Wow! Can't believe that next week is my last full week of summer vacation!! I feel like the month of August was over in the blink of an eye. I had a GREAT summer though. My daughters are at the perfect age where they can do more things and enjoy themselves.  We went camping, swimming, hundreds of play dates, park, beach, saw fireworks and much more!!! I hope that they have some great memories (yea I know they are only 3 but still!)
So I have been busy working on many new products for my new group of 1st grade superstars!!! Being a dual language teacher, I already know my group coming up and I am super excited!!!!!!  I also know most of their parents already too!!!
The one thing I had a problem with last year was using graphic organizers with my students. Either the boxes were too small, there were too many boxes to fill, or I had to do it with them and they were not able to use them independently.  I really want to implement using a graphic organizer during independent reading time, as well as with reading logs at home and I want to try and make my little firsties as independent as is my latest creation!!!!!!

They are FREE until 10 PM EST tonight!!!! Hurry on over and check them out!!!
I can't wait to use these!!!!  Once I begin school and using these, I will post pics of the kiddies and these organizers in action!!!

After my classroom visit tomorrow, I will post pics of the final product!!! =)

Happy teaching!!

Alyson Hennessy

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Sale!!!!!

Hey friends!!!! Get your list ready for this Sunday and Monday....I have mine!!!!!
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Giveaway time!!!

Hi everyone!!! I am working with a friend of mine over at Crayons, Cuties, and Common Core for her 1000 Followers Giveaway!!!! Starting on August 14th at 12 AM until August 18th 11:59 PM, go to her page to enter!! I also have a tab on my Facebook page where you can go enter her giveaway!!!!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting ready to go back...

So as the summer begins to wind down, I am getting ready to go back to work...I have been in my room twice and plan to go back again this week!! I also have to finish my case study for my reading certification...I have until the end of the month but I have been having way too much fun searching for classroom things or making lessons/activities for my classroom!!!! =) Looking for some back to school stuff? Check out the links here!!!! Als I created these great Common Core Standard sheets for grades K and 1...they contain kid-friendly language and are also a great resource for parents-it shows them what their children are expected to master by the end of K or 1st grade. Check them out!! Two sheets (English and Spanish) for $1!!!!!! Click here to visit my store!!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!! The girls and I have lots of events planned for this week!!! I hope to get my tan on...I had one but it has started to fade!!!!! =) Alyson Hennessy

Friday, August 9, 2013

Facebook Frenzy!!!

With Back to School around the corner (or having already started for some of you), here is a great event going on now!
If you have not already, go to my Facebook page DYNAMIC DUAL LANGUAGE and like it!! I am involved in a Facebook Frenzy from August 9th until the 12th.  You can download AMAZING freebies and then follow the links!!!!!!! Hurry!!!!!! Click on the link to be taken directly to my page...then click on the Facebook Frenzy tab and get started!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Fan Freebie!!!

So I was able to get into my classroom yesterday!! Yay!! Anyone who knows me knows that I need all the time that I can get in my room-I try to get as organized as possible...and every year I always change something!! This year, I am changing how I do my mailboxes and keep my math manipulatives organized! Once I go pick up the materials to redo this, I will take picture to show you!! I am hoping to go back in tomorrow and do some more is hard with 3 year old twins but I do have to say that yesterday they were FANTASTIC!!!! =)
I just uploaded a new Fan Freebie! You can click it on here or you can go to my Facebook page (LIKE it of course!!!) and download it from my TpT store.  It is a center sheet that allows your students to keep track of their center work and also allows you as a teacher to see what work they completed for the week!  I did not use it last year but I have used it in years past and it has worked! The kids love being held responsible for their work this way!
Click here for a freebie!

Thanks everyone!!!!!
Alyson Hennessy

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yay winning streak!!!!!

I have been entering contests left and right to win some GREAT products from my fellow teachers! I won a back to school item from B is for Bilingual (can't wait to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and one (there are many!) of my funny teaching stories was just featured on the blog Fairytales and Fiction by 2!!!! I won $10 worth of products from their TpT stores!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out their blog and my story!!! Also check out B is for Bilingual! She has AMAZING products!!!!! Love my fellow bloggers and teachers!!!!!
Fairytales and Fiction by 2
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I entered my first Facebook Frenzy Blog Hop! I am a little nervous and VERY excited!! Go to my Facebook page to find out more information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Switched to back to school mode...

I can't believe that it is August already!  I spent the morning shopping online for storage bins for my classroom, searching for things on Pinterest and TpT AND working on products!!!! Here is one I finished today! In my district, Nonsense Words are HUGE!!!! I am always looking for ways to help students reinforce their fluency and decoding skills, both in a group and independently.  This activity can be used just for that!  Check it out!
In addition to this, I am working on creating a bilingual goal sheet for my 1st graders that will follow the Common Core standards.  The students will be able to monitor their own progress by coloring in the box after they have achieved mastery of that particular skill!! I am really excited about this!
Also working on a Back to School activity involving rhyming words!!!!! =) 
As the summer comes to an end (way too quickly) I am also trying to do more activities with my daughters...they are at a great age to take to different parks and children's museums!!!!