Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Already with the 1st day of school nightmares!!

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See that face above?? It is supposed to represent the fact that I had a back to school nightmare in the MIDDLE of JULY and I still have over a month of summer left!!!!!! Usually I have them every week during the last week of my summer vacation when I am always worrying about things....I am hoping that this is not a sign of things to come and I don't have one every night for the next month and 1/2! Yikes!!! 
It started like every other 1st day...we all met for a quick meeting to discuss and review procedures and how we can help the new Kindergarten students and what not...the bell rings and I go to my classroom.   My classroom was not the one I have now but that is not what REALLY had me panicking-the students waiting for me in the hallway were not my students!  I know the group I am getting already because of the program I teach so I have already met their parents and I know every single kid I am getting...that was shock number one...THEN I realized, my classroom was not even ready-no bulletin boards, no name tags, no activity for them to do while I got the supplies collected and organized-which lead to shock number three-NO SUPPLIES-I had nothing, the kids did not bring in anything-it was a disaster! I had no idea what special we had to go to, did not know the lunch for the day...I remember feeling like I was running around in circles and then I finally woke up sweaty and gasping for air!! I could not fall back asleep after that! I was too afraid!  
Now, I KNOW this would NEVER happen because those of you who know me are aware of the fact that I am a little OCD when it comes to my room. I start to set up the bulletin boards before I leave for the summer and as soon as we get the ALL CLEAR to go in, I start to go in and set up!  

I always try to make the 1st day go as smoothly as possible but for some reason, there are always hiccups.  I have yet to find a good strategy to help me collect and organize supplies for the first day.  I also tried a suggestion that I found last year which said to have containers of Play-Doh ready and allow the kids to play with it while you talk to any parents or console a sad child but my class last year did not seem to like playing with it...that is not to say that this year's class will feel the same-maybe they will like doing that this year so I think I will still go out and buy it for the class  and leave it at their seats but I was wondering if anyone had any different suggestions???

So I know that I put a picture on my last post of a FREEBIE with my reading strategies set...I am adding A LOT to it and to help me with a sample page, I had one of my 4 year old twins pose with a mustache-what do we think? So cute, right??
The mustache was way too big for her face but I thought it was adorable!!! =)  

Here are some pictures of some products I uploaded recently!
Sorry it is blurry! This is from my Tarjetas del septiembre packet...I have a small wall in my classroom next to my door and I use this wall to post monthly and seasonal vocabulary in both English and Spanish: Tarjetas del septiembre

Here is one for my classroom labels!

Labels for a SWEET classroom!

And here is another product that I can't WAIT to use! We are starting the ESTRELLITA Spanish phonics program in the dual language classes this year and I love the program! I only have experience with the K program and I teach 1st so my plan for the first few weeks is to get them used to the letter-picture associations and review the letters and sounds in Spanish...I created this cute watches for the class to make as a center activity or even as an interactive notebook activity!
Please ignore the pretzels..I was hungry while I was working!  

Next week, I start my dual language curriculum writing and I finish my math curriculum writing...I am really happy with all of the work we have done for the math and I hope that my 1st grade colleagues feel the same way-the final math CC workbooks look so much better and are much more parent/kid/teacher friendly! When we get a final copy of the product, I will post a picture! 

Happy teaching! I know a few of my teacher friends out there have started work or will be starting soon!  Good luck!

Alyson Hennessy

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