Monday, August 27, 2012

Lights, Camera, and Action (Luces, camara, y accion)

Wow! Can't believe it is the LAST week of August.  July was nice and slow but August flew by!!!! I have spent the last few weeks relaxing with friends, play dates, trips to Port Jeff, reading (I am ADDICTED to Fanfiction...I know..I know...), doing work for my literacy masters classes (already and classes do not start until Wednesday!), and of course.......WORKING IN THE CLASSROOM!  Not only have I been creating and translating anchor charts to use for the first few weeks of school until 1 am, but I have been trying to finish my classroom as well!  I would love to spend every day there for maybe 2 hours or so but because of baby sitting issues, I am there about 2 days a week for 5-6 hours a day!  I try to finish all of my projects but I am often distracted by something else and then something else, and you know how it goes! =)
My focus board-1 side English/1 side Spanish-I plan to put their spelling words/sight words, etc. on here

 Colors and art supplies (Art supply labels I found from pinterest!)

Number line and future writing center area

 Job and Birthday boards

 I hope to be able to eventually get short curtains to cover this shelf area with-this is all of our anthology books and math supplies. We are using the treasures/tesoros program and there are 6 units for English and 6 for Spanish-what you see is units 2-6

 My library-need to finish labeling the book boxes

 I needed an area to hold all of my supplies for Treasures/Tesoros...there are workbooks, anthologies, letter tiles, cards, etc. This is my first time ever using it and I hope that it goes smoothly.  (Oh and I know the tablecloth is uneven-my husband pointed that out to me-I have to cut it because everytime he sees it, he flips OCD

Calendar/Read aloud area

 My "Have you filled a bucket?/Has llenado una cubeta hoy?"-I have little popcorn bags that I am going to put up there that they can fill with pom-poms for prizes. 

 I put a table here because this is where I have to keep my work laptop...the computer hookup is no where near my desk so I set this little table up and put some seasonal read alouds here too, the pom poms for the popcorn baggies, and markers/reading supplies for whole group instruction.

 My popcorn "Counting to the 100 days of school"!

 My door! I plan to, once I get my finalized list, put the names of my students on stars and place them on the door in between the Spanish and English phrases.

 My "David va a la escuela" anchor chart for the first day of school.  (idea from pinterest)-thanks to my dad for holding the chart up for me!

 I found this anchor chart from pinterest and translated it into Spanish using the vocabulary from Tesoros.  I am not sure if I am not a fan of using "desarrollo" for middle and will probably also add "Medio" as well, that way they are exposed to other words.
Here are some still needs work and organizing but I am hoping to go tomorrow to get stuff done! 
I still have a lot to do and will hopefully get some work done tomorrow! I am also trying to add some of the worksheets and back to school projects I have made onto my blog but for some reason it is not uploading it correctly, leaving out the graphics or changing the font so I am sorry! :(  Maybe my technology savy brother can help me out!
I start school on Thursday with lots of trainings and workshops!  To those of you who have started, have fun this week and for those of you who start this week, good luck!

Thanks to all of those great bloggers who have been sharing their ideas!
Until next time,

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  1. Your room looks like it is really coming along! I hope your school year gets off to a wonderful start :)