Sunday, August 25, 2013

New products...last week of summer =(

Wow! Can't believe that next week is my last full week of summer vacation!! I feel like the month of August was over in the blink of an eye. I had a GREAT summer though. My daughters are at the perfect age where they can do more things and enjoy themselves.  We went camping, swimming, hundreds of play dates, park, beach, saw fireworks and much more!!! I hope that they have some great memories (yea I know they are only 3 but still!)
So I have been busy working on many new products for my new group of 1st grade superstars!!! Being a dual language teacher, I already know my group coming up and I am super excited!!!!!!  I also know most of their parents already too!!!
The one thing I had a problem with last year was using graphic organizers with my students. Either the boxes were too small, there were too many boxes to fill, or I had to do it with them and they were not able to use them independently.  I really want to implement using a graphic organizer during independent reading time, as well as with reading logs at home and I want to try and make my little firsties as independent as is my latest creation!!!!!!

They are FREE until 10 PM EST tonight!!!! Hurry on over and check them out!!!
I can't wait to use these!!!!  Once I begin school and using these, I will post pics of the kiddies and these organizers in action!!!

After my classroom visit tomorrow, I will post pics of the final product!!! =)

Happy teaching!!

Alyson Hennessy

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