Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School activities!

So I am preparing activities to do for the first week of school!!! And of course, it is all about MODELING MODELING MODELING, right??? So up first....
Cafeteria Expectations by Rowdy in Room 300!

So in K, our little ones have their classroom aide that goes with them to the cafeteria and help them with EVERYTHING...then in 1st, no one!  We don't have aides in the cafeteria, just teachers who volunteer their time to do so and usually during the first week, there is no one =(  So as you can probably imagine, it gets PRETTY chaotic during the 1st grade lunch period.  Too bad I didn't have this activity last year....I could have TOTALLY used this!!!!
So on the first day, I plan on completing this AWESOME activity.  We are going to discuss positive cafeteria behaviors and create a class list.  They are going to sign this list, similar to how I do my RULES for the classroom.  I REALLY want to find a way to keep these up in my room all year because I feel this will be really important to reference!  After we have our discussion and create our list, they will get to work creating their own lunch boxes!

Next up....
How to be successful in 1st grade from Abby Mullins
This activity comes in an AMAZING back to school packet on TpT. The students create a backpack with a pocket and then on the inside, they have their list of what they need to be successful in 1st grade.   Being a dual language teacher, we make our list bilingual!
So, if you need something to do during that first week of school, go find these activities on TpT RIGHT NOW!!! =)

Happy teaching!
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!  Teachers and staff go back the 3rd and 4th, we are off the 5th and 6th for the Jewish Holidays, and then students start the 9th!! I am ready (I think!)....

Alyson Hennessy

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