Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I know I know...I'm so bad at this!!!

I know...I really stink at blogs!!! I don't know why!!! I just have such a hard time keeping up with it!!! Let's try and see if I can do better this year!!! *fingers crossed*
So I'm super jealous of the AMAZING teachers who are at #tptvegas2015 and I'm REALLY REALLY hoping to go next year!!! I also want to go to the I teach 1st conferences!!! I follow a lot of fantastic teachers on Instagram and I saw some cool stuff!!!!! (Follow me-twinkiemom23)
Ok so school has been out for two weeks and my twins and I have been pretty busy-beach, play dates, park, and of course shopping....
This is my "back to school" bench that I have-living with my parents, two brothers, hubby, twins,  2 dogs, and a cat leaves for little space in the house....not a good sign that my area is over hubby and I look for houses I will make sure I get an office!!!


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