Monday, July 20, 2015

I have the BEST hubby!!!!

Hi everyone! I just came back from celebrating my 10 year anniversary with my hubby at Lake was beautiful.  My daughters stayed with  my in-laws and we were able to relax and just go with the flow and not have to worry about a schedule! It was nice!  I  missed my girls but it was nice just to go and not worry about certain things like, "Did I pack a snack?"  "Is there a bathroom nearby?" There was even one day where we had a late breakfast and completely skipped lunch and had an early dinner. When you have kids, there is no way you can do that!!! =)
So now we are back to reality and I still have a month until school starts but my brain is always working so I like to get into my classroom as soon as possible to I can plan, organize, and all that fun stuff!
So the entire trip, I was joking with my hubby saying, "If we see a Target we have to stop" and he really couldn't understand why until I explained it to him.  I was telling him that through Periscope and Instagram, I  could see all of these great things that teachers across the country were finding in the $1 spot bins.  I had to then explain that our $1 bins by us are different from the other $1 bins and he eventually understood my enthusiasm.  When we left Lake George, we had extra time before we had to meet my girls and in-laws for lunch so he said, "Google search the nearest Target and we can stop."  I squealed (yes squealed) in joy.  We had to make a few u-turns along the way but we found one that was close to our meeting spot and I was so happy!
We headed inside and got to filling up the cart-he was actually worse than me! He kept putting things in the cart that I already had and trying to help me find uses for certain things as well!! I love it!  He then said this magical phrase:
"Okay, if you have the storage space for it, do you see anything here that you could use for your theme for the NEXT school year?"

I may have fainted.

He knows that I am doing a SUPERHERO theme for the NEXT school year (this year is sweet treats again) and he was helping me plan ahead!!!! I could not believe it!
 Well I then took the cart and filled it up some more!!!!!! =)  I have SOME storage space in my classroom and what I can't fit, I will put inside a big tub and store in my basement at home!
Here are some of my purchases and what I plan to use them for:
These are for my SUPERHERO theme-I will put pens, pencils, scissors and other materials inside and then label the bins.  They did have some superhero bins as well but not enough for a set...don't worry...I have 2 Targets in my area to check out ;) 
I am going to use these glass jars to erasers and other things in my classroom. I also purchased a few for my house to store some items in.
Okay so every year I purchase a notebook to take my PD notes in and this Ice Cream one is perfect for my theme!!! I love it!!! I am also trying to find the matching folder!!!!!!!! 
More bins for my superhero theme (for papers and centers) and some Happy Birthday pencils and Dr. Seuss erasers for my Prize box.
These lanyards are going to be for my "SWEET SUPERSTAR READERS" I am going to take out the "Hi my name is" tag and put in a card that my reading teacher made.  The cards have the different reading strategies that we focus on in 1st grade and every time a student is able to use the strategy independently, they get to wear the lanyard for the rest of the day and they earn a DOJO point for achievement.  Strategies include, "I can reread for meaning" , "I can use pictures", and "I can sound out the word".  I had ones from the dollar store last year but the plastic pieces kept falling out and the cards were not staying in and it was a mess!! In this one from Target-the cards can slide right inside!!!! 
Okay I will be honest...I didn't really NEED this rules decoration-I always make a poster with the class and a rules book with them but I thought this was really cute!!!! I am going to hang this by my door so that every morning, they can see this as they walk in the room and hopefully, this will help them to make good choices for the whole day! 

So those are my TARGET purchases for this week!!! I know I am going to be back there this week so I will keep you posted!  I will also be doing a Periscope on this as well and show you some other things!! Follow me @dynamicduallang!

(I also want to add that we passed a Five Below and a Hobby Lobby but we had no time because we had to meet our was VERY hard to drive past those two places....)

To those that go back this week, happy teaching and good luck!! You will be amazing!

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