Thursday, July 9, 2015

Amazing APP!!!! And new products!

Wow! Two posts in a row!!! What is the world coming to?!?!?
Ok so like I said yesterday, I could not go to #tptvegas2015 and following on Twitter and Facebook has bummed me out because I REALLY wanted to go but.......
*cue drum roll please*
Look at this!!!!! 
This AMAZING app was introduced to me yesterday and I am HOOKED!!!!!!! You follow teachers, similar to how you do on Instagram or Twitter but as they broadcast live video, you can watch it and comment!!!!! I was able to go to the beach today and the gym and watch three broadcasts!!!!!!!!!!! Once I get back to my classroom, I am going to start broadcasting live feeds too!!!!!!!!! You can even watch previous broadcasts for up to 24 hours (you just can't comment).  I am IN LOVE!!!!!!! =)

Now, I am doing the SWEET TREATS theme again in my classroom.  I usually do a theme for 2 years-it makes setting up the second year so much easier.  I was able to invest in some coordinating library bins that I can't wait to set up!  But of course, we teachers...always planning ahead!
The following school year, my team and I are planning on doing SUPERHEROES and because summer is the time to create, I have already worked on creating things for the SUPERHERO classroom!!!!!!
Here is my rules booklet! this was a big hit last year with kids and parents!!!!!!! I sent it home and also printed out the color copies for my classroom rule display!
Here are my picture direction cards-so helpful for those visual learners!!!
Again, another helpful tool for visual learners-activities for those early finishers!
And of course....classroom labels!!!!!!! English and Spanish!!!
I love the graphics from Creative Clips-Krista Wallden-her products are AMAZING!!!! (I really like the word Amazing-can you tell??)

-Alyson Hennessy

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