Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekend?!?! What weekend??

Wow!! I thought weekends were for relaxing but not this addition to the regular activities, such as food shopping, cleaning, and laundry, we have Disney on Ice for my Twinkie girls and I have a baby shower tomorrow!! Plus I'm being observed next week and need to write up the plan, plan and organize a Math CC parent information night, and I have an ELA common core consultant coming in!!! Ah! I'm tired already. 
So this week we has fun with visualization! We read The Napping House in Spanish and as I read I had the kids draw what was happening and I didn't show the pictures until the end!! They loved it!! We also did weather and we watched videos of lightening, tornadoes, and hurricanes!! They get so excited watching weather in action!
I introduced Silabas con g (ga, go, gu) and we made "casas de sílabas" 
They did very well with it!! I'm going to work on making packets for all of the letters!!!
For my observation I am introducing the reading strategy "does it make sense?" with a character I created called Detective Diane! We have already worked on getting your mouth ready, looking for picture clues, and looking at word chunks!! I hope they like the activities I put together!! As soon as it's ready I'll upload it to TpT!
Also this week we introduced Bossy R with er, ir, and ur.  At the end of the unit I created an assessment for each reading group based in their level...took me a long time but the assessments that we have are ver difficult for our ELLs and amy student reading below grade level. So I created reading stories, phonics questions, sight word sentences, and comprehension activities for each group I have.  The students did very well with it-I only had to read the questions and the listening questions as well!! If you are interested go to my TpT store and check them out. I uploaded 2-one for ELLs and one for an on level group.
Wish me luck on my observation!! Happy teaching everyone!!!
Alyson Hennessy

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