Sunday, January 12, 2014

Observation Jitters!

Okay...I have been teaching for 8  years and I still get nervous for formal observations! I would much rather people just pop in and watch!
We are working on various reading strategies and I feel that my group has difficulties sometimes determining if what they are reading makes sense...welcome DETECTIVE DIANE!

She is going to help my class determine how to use clues to see if what they are reading makes sense!!! I am introducing her as part of my observation!  We have met other characters, such as Donald Dentist (he gets your mouth ready)!  I found this great product on TpT -Reading Strategy Crew
Link to Number Two Pencils Product
We have been using these in the classroom and I decided to create my own for this particular skill!
I hope that the class enjoys them!! I am going to upload the product onto TpT later this week! If my observation goes well, I'll post it as a flash freebie!!!! =)
I had a very busy, very fun weekend and must now finish planning for the crazy week ahead!!
Happy Teaching everyone!!
Alyson Hennessy

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