Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New year, new products!!!

Happy New Year!!!! We had a bit of a shaky start going back last Thursday! Just as we went over routines and expectations for the rest of the year, up came a blizzard and closed school on Friday!! Crazy! Then we went in on Monday but had a two hour delay today due to the sub zero temperatures and the Polar Vortex!! It is hard to adapt to a schedule with a two hour delay but the class did great! I couldn't go ahead in math because I had a lot of students who did not come in so we did a review for math but continued with personal narrative planning, Bossy R, and visualization.
I read today "The sea creature from the deep" to have the students practice making visuals in their mind! It is from a visualization packet I found while reading Blogs and checking Pinterest for ideas and the class liked it! Here are some journal entries of their visuals 
They love looking at their partners work to see how their pictures are the same and different!
The next few pictures are from my Personal Narrative Writing packet! They class has been doing so well with the planning process and today you could hear a pin drop while they were drafting their story idea!!! It was amazing!! There are also pics of my New Year's Eve party horn resolutions and my Bossy R French Fry game-both are in my TpT store!!
Stay warm!! Happy teaching!!!

Alyson Hennesst


  1. Love all the pics! I found you on TPT and decided to take a look! I am the RTI Specialist / Literacy Coach on a Dual Language campus. Your blog will be a great resource for us.

    I tried to find where I could follow your blog....but I can't find where to .....


  2. Great blog...following you! I found you on the TPT forum. I love seeing writing. Teaching writing is my passion. If you have time, please visit me at
    http://drclementskindergarten.blogspot.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/drclementskindergarten.

  3. Thanks!!!! I am your newest follower as well..I moved the FOLLOWER tab to the top of my page on the right hand side!!! I am hoping this helps!! Thanks again!!!