Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So many meetings so little time!!

So today we had our before school faculty meeting and tomorrow I have an early department meeting at a different school building and my observation!!! Then Friday I have an early morning math meeting!!! yikes!!!
Thank goodness for the upcoming 3 day weekend!!!
My observation tomorrow is focusing on reading skills and strategies so we have been really practicing our independent reading stamina and strategies these past couple  of days. My skill for the week is "Does it make sense?".  During my guided reading groups we have been working on sight words and deciding skills as well. Here are some pictures of kids in action!!
It's all about practice and modeling!! We are doing sight word games everyday and making cards for both the classroom and home! I also started book baggies for reading at home. It had been hard getting books that we can send home because in the past they never came back and we had no books for a class or group set. Thankfully I got some donations and used my reading A to Z account to do the rest!! I love when the kids love reading!! As an avid reader myself I want them to want to read, not just read because it is "time to read".
Wish me luck for my observation tomorrow!!!
Happy teaching!!
Alyson Hennessy

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