Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gingerbread Explosion!

This past week, I met with my parents for conferences! It was a pleasure seeing them all again!  I always like to put some classwork outside, along with any other important information that the parents can look at while they are waiting for their appointment. I put out some class books we have made along with our Treasures/Tesoros reading program materials from the first unit.

We also did our 3rd science experiment/observation this year! We learned about objects that float/flotar or sink/hundir!  We watched the brainpopjr. video and made predictions before the experiment.

Next week is one of my favorite weeks-GINGERBREAD WEEK!!!!!!! I found a lot of great ideas to add to my lessons from pinterest and other teaching blogs!  For phonics, I plan to focus on hard g and soft g for English and J for Spanish because we say "jengibre" in Spanish.  Here are some activities I plan on doing!

Pan de Jengibrepoem Gingerbread Writing Activity Spanish

I also found from TpT a gingerbread literacy unit that comes with clip are and worksheets for comparing and contrasting the various Gingerbread books and games where students have to determine which words are real and which are nonsense words.  I am going to put that game in my GAME center this week!  I also found a Gingerbread cookie experiment where the students have to predict and observe what happens when Gingerbread goes into water.
This week, we are also going to be learning about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, as well as Christmas around the world! I will definitely post pictures of all of the student work!

Stay safe, happy teaching, and Happy Holidays!! See you soon!

Alyson Hennessy

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