Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gingerbread Science

To help a teacher who was a victim of Hurricane Sandy, I purchased the Gingerbread Reading Response Unit (From Ms. Smarty Pants).  We have been completing the worksheets and writing activities for the past few days and I will post the student work on Friday after the unit is complete.  I also found on Pinterest a Gingerbread Science Experiment worksheet!  My class had so much fun being scientists and playing with Gingerbread cookies!    
 Watching and observing

  Watching and observing

We wrote down on the Enoboard how we completed the experiment

 This is how one of the Gingerbread cookies looked after a few minutes

 A few floated on top of the water

 We completed the 1st page yesterday and the rest of the experiment today

The students had to write and draw what happened.  I let them stick their hands in the water to touch the cookie and they all said, "Ew it's mushy!"

Before we have our Christmas break, the 1st grade team is planning on celebrating "Holidays Around the World"! So excited to have the students taste food from the other countries, read about the other countries, and also complete projects and their own "Suitcase" and "passport" for their travels.  I am planning on having them create their suitcases on Friday so I will also post pictures of that!

Happy Teaching!

Alyson Hennessy

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  1. What a great activity! We love seeing the pictures. :) Looking forward to seeing more great things!