Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving and more fun stuff from the classroom!

Sorry it has been so long! Between work and taking classes for my literacy masters, getting the stomach virus on Thanksgiving with both of my twin girls, it has been a little crazy.
I was able to take some pictures though!  Here are some pictures of what we did during the month of November!

Turkeys in disguise!

They wrote about what their turkey was dressed up as.

We learned all about Native Americans, Pilgrims, and the Mayflower.

 A Native American Mind Map

Bats and Owls

All about Bats

Main Idea Anchor Charts

Amazing Adjectives

Our MANY class books that we wrote

How to cook a turkey! Funny stories!

More Anchor Charts

My Skill Board

Can't wait for December! I love to do Polar Express, Holidays around the World, Gingerbread Man, and so much more!

Happy Teaching!

Alyson Hennessy

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