Friday, September 28, 2012

Fotos y actividades/Pictures and activities

 I was soooo excited today! I felt like a Mother Hen.  I gave a math test to the students just to get them used to the routine of what a test is like and also to assess their addition and counting skills.  During the test, my principal, director, and assistant superintendent came in just to observe.  It was our Spanish day but I still use English to help support.  I told the students "Si estas listos por numero 6, levante su mano" which means "If you are ready for number 6, raise your hand".  I did not translate this for the class because I have been using this phrase often and have modeled it and a majority of the students know what it means.  My assistant superintendent went over to one of my English speaking students and asked him what it means and he translated it perfectly!!!! I was beaming!!! I was soo proud of him!!  They have been doing such a great job with the basic skills and have been trying so hard! My Spanish speaking students have been doing a great job learning their English alphabet and sight words! They have been working very hard!
Here are the pictures from the activities I was talking about during my last blog, the Rhyming Dust Bunnies and the 5 sentidos.
  The 5 senses flip book I created.  They put a picture under each label about the Fall.

 The Rhyming Dust Bunnies activity.  Here is the book. 

I also have been using some of the techniques to help with transitioning from this video! This is amazing!!! The whisper/say it in your hand is my FAVORITE!

Something else I have tried and the kids love it...when we practice reading our sight words (I put them on a powerpoint and make a slideshow out of them)  I have them read it quietly, say it in their hand, and then we choose a silly voice to say it out loud it.  The hits so far-opera voice, monster voice, and robot voice.  We also use baby voice, sad voice, and whisper voice.  The students seem excited to learn the words and they are participating more!
Enjoy the weekend everyone!!
Alyson Hennesssy

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