Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tomorrow is the first day!

Wow! Can't believe we are in September!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons (the other being Spring-I love the changes that occur!) and I can't wait for the leaves to change, the pumpkins, Halloween...well, I better not rush things too much! I have a lot to do in the next few weeks!
  My little girls went back to daycare.  It is crazy to think but this time next year, they will be in nursery school!  I remember bringing them to their first day of "school" (I call daycare "school"-they do a lot there! They have a music class, library, gym, perform plays-they are amazing!).  They loved seeing all of their friends and I am so happy that they enjoy it!
I am very excited to meet my new group of students tomorrow and of course a little nervous! I think that I will always be nervous about the 1st day no matter how many years I have been teaching!  This year brings a lot of changes-the Common Core standards, APPR, new programs-it will definitely be a busy, fun filled year!  I will take pictures tomorrow of my classroom and post the final product!
Well, wish me luck!  I have some great activities planned! They have to put the RULES puzzle together, creating a "No David!" rules book, reading "Have you filled a bucket today?", reading "The Kissing Hand", making graphs that show the number of letters in our name and how we get to school, and just getting into a routine and schedule!
Happy September!  I hope to check in this weekend (with some uploads hopefully-my brother and I work different schedules and it has been hard to get him to help me!)

Alyson Hennessy

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