Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am moved in!

So, my husband and I braved this disgusting humidity and heat to empty out our storage unit into a u-haul truck (yes, we had to rent a u-haul truck) and moved all of my boxes into my classroom!  I got a few chuckles from other staff members when they saw the truck!  Hey, I told them I was bringing a truck's worth of stuff-they thought I was kidding! =)
So, it is still a work in progress and a HUGE mess but I got a lot done today!  I was able to get some of the bulletin boards done, including my "Main Stage" wall, both Word Walls, and my calendar.  My library right now is still in boxes and bins, my center area is a mess but it is coming along.  With the new reading program we have, I need a lot of storage space to keep things organized but also storage space that my students can easily get to.  We have workbooks and readers that I need to find space for! Hopefully as I finish my room, I will figure out where to put all of the books and workbooks!
View from the back

 My word wall-I have to print out popcorn kernals for my spanish "Palabras famosas"

My future library

My future writing center

 My future center/independent activity area

My desk!

Okay-that big yellow bulletin board is on wheels so the yellow side that you see now is my "Main Stage"-found the idea on pinterest!  I will flip it on Spanish days to the other side.  That table (you can't see the tablecloth but I got it from party city-it has film, popcorn, director boards on it) will have my seasonal read alouds, my markers, and my computer.  I have to cut the tablecloth-it is a little too long on the sides!

My calendar (I have the month titles in both languages that I change and the days of the week are two sided-one side English and one side Spanish) . I am going to try and print out and blow up a large "MOVIE DIRECTOR" to put on the side of the calendar. 

I plan to go back next week to keep organizing everything.  I can't wait to finish the bulletin boards!
Keep cool everyone!
Hasta luego

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