Thursday, August 2, 2012

Okay, change of plans!

So I went into my classroom today just to see about setting up the furniture and to drop off some stuff.  I go down to my room and find about 20 boxes piled up in there with 2nd grade materials (we are starting the TREASURES program in my district). I go down to the office just to make sure that they know I have 2nd grade stuff in my room.  Good thing I did because the room that I thought was my room is not my room! Good thing I didn't move anything in yet! LOL
I love my room and can't wait to get started on fixing the bulletin boards and setting things up. I did A LOT of organizing today and moving things around (getting rid of materials that we not longer would use, putting all of the math manipulatives together, etc.).  Here are the pictures!
 View from the door

 My sink/future art supply area

My shelves in the back-I plan to make it more organized as I bring in my materials

 My future word wall/guided reading area nook

View from the back of the classroom

My desk/storage space (there is a similar closet behind my classroom door-It has a file cabinet inside, shelves, and a hook for my jacket-I have never had an area to hang my jacket-I have always put it on my chair but now I can actually put it away!)

 My computer table and computers will go here!

I love it!
I am going in again next week and will post more pictures!


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  1. I am so glad to have found your blog! I teach first grade dual language in Texas. Good luck on your room set up =)