Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I love the $ bins at Target!

It is hard shopping when you have 2 2 year olds screaming and trying to pull everything off of the shelves. Thankfully the Fisher Price APPS on my iPhone works wonders and keeps them distracted as I look through the $ bins.  They have amazing things in those bins!   I know my other post talked about the great Spanish stickers that I found there last time but today I hit the motherload!  =)
I didn't buy any because I have a TON but they have bins and baskets for $2.50.  They had more stickers, dry erase boards (lined), Dr. Seuss flash cards and stickers (I stocked up because I do a big Dr. Seuss author celebration!).
So what am I soooooo excited about????
So I am doing the Hollywood theme and they had popcorn bins for $1 a piece! I got them for pencils and pens!!
They also had the cardboard magazine holders for $1-these are great for guided reading books!
And here is what I really loved...
I have seen these going for almost $3 a piece but I got them for $1!!! I was very excited about this!

In addition to having fun shopping at the Target $1 bins, I went to a new teacher product show today, hosted by "Island School and Art Supply" (or what I call the Teacher Store!).  I was able to get a popcorn theme 100 days of school counting bulletin board set, Hollywood themed behavior incentive charts, popcorn name plates, and other fun things!  The store hosts this every year and it is always a lot of fun (plus you get 10% all purchases and an additional 5% if you pay with cash!) 
I have all of my big stuff in storage but tomorrow, I plan on brining all of my bags of goodies that I have been collecting as I go shopping to my classroom tomorrow to try and get some things set up.  I want to move the furniture and make a list of things I may need.  I had the girls with me last time I went to my school and it didn't go so well so thankfully Daddy will stay home with them for a few hours tomorrow!! And next week, Grandma will watch them so that Daddy and I can get all of the stuff out of storage and moved in!

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