Friday, September 5, 2014

1st day success!

Wow! The first two days are complete!! AND the classroom is clean and supplies are put away!!! I don't think that has EVER happened in my 9 years of teaching! My class is great!! One of the great things about the dual language program is that the kids know me very well because their Kindergarten teacher and I are friends and we do a lot together! They came right in on the first day like they owned the place!! I love it!!!! =)   They are doing very well with the rules and routines and next week, we will begin centers!  They already asked for Homework!!
Here is a pic of my "Sweet First Day" hat that we made!  Excuse my sweaty face-we have no air conditioners in our classrooms and the first week of school was probably the hottest week we have had ALL summer! Go figure, right?

 The kids loved making their own! The kids then put the hat on, I made them wear an apron, and gave them a cookbook to hold for a picture!  I am using those for a gift for their parents at back to school night!  I am also thinking of making a hat that says, "1st grade WAS sweet!" for the end of the year and then putting the two pics side by side as an end of the year gift to their parents.  
Something we did today, which was super fun and helped them review letter/sounds was a name chart! I didn't get a great picture but on the first day, the students got a baggie with the letters of their name inside.  They glued the letters in the correct order.  Then today, we used an alphabet chart and drew a picture that is associated with the letters in their name.
I would draw a picture of a house, elephant, net, net, elephant, snake, snake, yo-yo
They loved doing this! I found this idea from another teacher blogger and let me tell you-success!! Cant' wait to hang them up for back to school night!

This student has an R as the first letter so he drew a picture of a rainbow!

We also read, "Interrupting Chicken"-love this story! We then used an activity that I found on TpT!  
For math, we read Chrysanthemum and counted the letters in our name!! I had to add another chart paper!  The kids loved this too!

Well, I am one tired teacher so it is early to bed tonight!! Hope everyone had a great week!

Happy teaching!

Alyson Hennessy

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