Monday, August 25, 2014

Classroom reveal and a new product!

I am a little crazy when it comes to setting up my room.  As soon as we get the "Okay, you can come in and start to set up," I am there with my twins in hand, bags of food, movies, and toys to keep them occupied and my bags of teaching stuff.  Many people think I am nuts but this crazy girl made it so that my classroom is ready and I can enjoy these next few days with friends and family and not have to worry about my classroom being ready for students.  We have 2 conference days before the kiddies come it but they are usually filled with meetings, allowing for very little time in the classroom or to plan with colleagues.  Here are some pics!  I am still waiting on a few things to come back from our laminating center but overall, my room is ready! 
 These bins are in my guided reading center to help me keep my materials organized for both languages-I had such a mess last year and my goal this year is to keep my paperwork more organized!

Okay-how cute are these?? A great friend found these are TARGET-they are BOOK COVERS!!!! I have them at my guided reading table so that while they are reading with me, they can keep their other books and supplies behind them on the chair.  If they work, I will definitely be going back to get more! They were the Jumbo ones and they cost less than $1!!! How can  you go wrong???

My behavior chart! I made this and I love it so much!! I love the theme and using the clip art so it was so much fun to create!! I added some cute rules posters that I found on TpT and added a cute little pom pom I found at the Dollar Tree!

Focus Wall-I will be adding the words of the week and the comprehension skill so that the kids know what they are working on.  I also have my direction and number cards and my apron that I will be wearing while I am working with a group so the other students know not to disturb me unless there is an emergency!

My vocabulary Wall-I started this last year and I change it every month. The kids use this during centers or writing and I found that it has helped them remember the new words in the target language.  I send these words home to for the parents to practice as well.
Love this! I purchased a Cupcake Decor pack from Flying into First and this was in there! 

My labels for my writing supplies

My mailboxes and number labels.  Each student has a number.  I created these and they are FREE in my TpT store but I had to cut them down because my mailboxes are small-but they still look cute! The mailboxes are for notes and letters home but I realized that I have room to store their science books and math workbooks!  I will have a captain from each table be in charge of getting the books before the lesson so that the books don't get ruined or lost or mixed up at the table!! When I realized this today, I was so excited! 

I found this for free on TpT from Cristina Lopez-I did not want a HUGE job poster because I do not have that much bulletin board space.  I glued these onto a piece of cupcake ribbon and I will use clothes pins with the students' numbers to show who has what job! It is bilingual and I love it! 

My leveled readers.  I used my Book Bin labels  and added them to my Dollar Tree boxes that I found-so pretty and the colors were perfect! 
My color words- the Spanish ones are from Bilingual Scrapbook and I can't remember where I got the English ones from but I remember that they were free on TpT!!

My alphabet from the cupcake decor pack from Flying into First-Latoya Reed!  Love this pack!! So much stuff!!

 Okay, again I can't remember where I got these but I know that they were all for FREE from TpT!! I added this by my carpet area to help remind the kids of the rules! 

 These are my 4 1/2 year old twinkie girls-they have been so good while I work my tail off to set up my room!  They also provide great entertainment to the school staff while they are there!  They are going into Pre-K and then next year, Kindergarten-I can't believe it!

My calendar (which is a little messy right now) and where I am going to keep track of table points.  Each table is a different sweet treat and I have little magnets that I can add for positive behavior!  We use CLASS DOJO in the entire school so at the end of the day, the table with the most points gets an extra DOJO point! Find this product HERE.

I also just uploaded a new product!  It is 1/2 off for the rest of this week! It is great for centers and also for class work and homework!! You can use it as review or as you introduce each Spanish letter! 

Well, we start on September 2nd and the kids start on the 4th. I am spending the next few days shopping, getting my nails done, shoe shopping, going to the beach, going to the pool, and of course, play dates!!!!!  For those of you teaching, have a great week and for those of you getting ready, good luck!!

Happy teaching!

Alyson Hennessy

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