Monday, December 16, 2013

Holidays around the World and The Polar Express

So we are wrapping up our Holidays around the Workd unit! The kids are having so much fun and we are learning a lot!! I can't wait until our trip on Wednesday when we travel from country to country (or table to table!) to make a craft!
Marking the map

I had a great donation from a colleague of paper bags!! Our trip will be sponsored by Whole Foods and Trader Joe's!!! :)
Here are some symbols we found (the last one is for Germany-the actually hide pickles in their Christmas tree!) Tomorrow our elf, Snowy, will be hiding a pickle and whoever finds it gets a prize!
Here is my Making Words template in action too!! I placed it onto my Enoboard with text box tiles of letters and sounds. As the kids made the words, the rest of the class had to try and make them as well!! This keeps ALL of the kids engaged as they listen and write!!
I just uploaded a new product in English and Spanish!! It is for the Polar Express...the class is trying to earn the movie on Friday (they read the book in library)....we shall see if they can watch it!! I'll keep you posted!!
Happy teaching!
Alyson Hennessy

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