Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December craziness!

So...we have an elf in our classroom and his name is Snowy...usually Snowy hides and leaves a letter for a student, with a candy cane treat, to come find him. Snowy also leaves treats for those students who have a neat table...well...Snowy has had a rough couple of days and Santa has reported that he can no longer leave candy cane treats until the class listens and does their work. Am I the only teacher experiencing this right now!? I hope not! Some other teachers, I saw, actually had their elf leave until the behavior of the class improved...I hope I don't have to resort to that but it is a good idea!! We have an elf journal that we write it everday...let's see what they write tomorrow when they see Snowy is sad and left a sad note. 
On a lighter note, we are day 3 into our gingerbread unit and loving all of the different stories! I think their favorite so far is the Spanish version called "La tortilla corredora".... They were laughing at the end, when the tortilla escapes and rides a helicopter! We have been studying problem and solution with these stories and they are doing a great job identifying them! Here is a sample of student work from my December Graphic Organizers in Spanish
Here are some of the books I'm using 
I am also working on a new product-using interactive notebooks to identify and read syllables in Spanish. Today was there first time using it and I have to say they did very well!
We are also deep into our Holidays around the World activities!! They are loving this!! I purchased a great product from Happily Ever After Education! Check it out here!
Well, let the craziness continue!! We have a TON of work to do and a celebration to prepare for!! Wish me luck!! 
Happy teaching!!
Alyson Hennessy

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