Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hennessy airlines flight 107

Well, tomorrow is the big day!! We are taking our maletas and traveling the globe tomorrow!! We are going to make a tannenbaum from Germany, a La Befana from Italy, a stocking, a pointsetta, and a boat from Greece!! We are also going to make hats with different ways to say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas and learn how to play dreidel! And of course, no celebration is complete unless there is food!! I'm making quesadillas and we will also be sampling potatoe latkes!! I'm excited!! I have 5 class moms coming in to help me at the stations and to also help with the passports and I cook!! It will probably get crazy but they will have fun!! I promise to take tons of pics and post them tomorrow night! 
Happy teaching!!!
Alyson Hennessy 

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