Friday, October 18, 2013

We have been busy!!!!


Wow!!! There has been a lot of learning going on in my classroom!! Reading folktales and fables, adding to 10, nouns, and so much more!!!! We have been writing personal narratives and I found a great mentor text to help-it is long but I have been breaking it up over a few days!
Here are some pics of noun/sustantivos! This is from Bilingual Treasures!
Here is an anchor chart "what is a scientist?" The class told me all of the things that describe a scientist and I made it into a chart for display during our first Science unit
My colleague gave me this Little Red Hen sheet for recording! She found it on TpT..I paired it with my "What is in the Easter Egg?" Activity to have the kids make real words that end with -en and nonsense words that end in -en! They loved this!! I'm adding it to my games center next week!! 
Here are some more pics from the past week!!!
 I don't remember where I got those anchor charts from but I purchased them from TpT and they come in English and Spanish!
 Preview of a new product I am working on!!

I am also taking part of a FRENZY for this month!!! It is HALLOWEEN related!! I'll post more next week about it!!

Enjoy your weekend!!! :)

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