Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Election Day, observations, and Common Core-oh my!!

I can't believe that tomorrow is Halloween!! Crazy!! I got this WITCHES BREW packet as a flash freebie and fell in love!! I am doing the activities in this packet tomorrow! Here is a picture of it:
We are also going to be pumpkin picking! A local nursery that grows pumpkins is bringing them to our school and setting up a pumpkin patch for the kids!! We are then going to be decorating the pumpkins with stickers!! I promise to take lots of pics and post them this weekend!!
I got observed on Monday! Unannounced!! Yikes! The kids were great though and my director was very impressed with how well the students were working and reading and writing words in Spanish!! We were working on sílabas con b y n. 
We also did marcas de interrogacion!! I incorporated this great activity from Mynda Rivera at B is for Bilingual! Here is a pic of her product:
Here is what we did! 
I also taught Election Day and the voting process using the fantastic book Duck for President or Pato para presidente! I received a great packet from a colleague and translated it into Spanish but I have no idea where the English version came from :(
Here are pics of what we did:
We are also continuing with Common core math....we used dominoes today to show equal number expressions and have been working with mystery numbers and missing parts!!!
Well that is all for now!! I will update this weekend!! Happy Halloween! Feliz dia de las brujas!!!!
Alyson Hennessy

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