Sunday, February 17, 2013

Awesome Videos to use in the Classroom!

Okay so not only am I a TpT and Pinterest addict but I am also addicted to Youtube!!! There are some amazing videos that can be used in the classroom!!! My students ask for them everyday (just be careful-even though they may not have commercials when you preview them, they sometimes do pop up! Be on the ready to hit PAUSE or lower the volume!)  Here are some that my students LOVE!!!!!!
We have been studying magic e and they love this video!!!
Another great magic e video

  Love the visuals in this one! Magic E again!

Another Magic E!!!

Spanish syllables

Silabas con P
Our Brain Break song

Our transition video to begin math!

Enjoy!!!!!!!! I have off tomorrow so I plan on catching up on some lesson plans, work for school (working on my 3rd masters), and laundry!!! Fun!!!! =)

Happy Teaching!!

Alyson Hennessy

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