Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Day!!!

Well Winter Storm Nemo really packed  a punch! It was horrible driving home from work on Friday and we got buried under 30"+ of snow!!!! Trying to shovel out today was rough because the snow was heavy and icy.  No school for us tomorrow! A lot of the main roads are still not plowed and the side roads, well, forget it!
While I am here in my house (stuck in my house is a better term) I figured now would be a good time to upload some pictures from last week!
We are starting to use the SIOP lesson method in our district.  Every lesson has a language objective and a content objective.  With our science unit, we are studying magnets and the language objective was for the students to use the word ATTRACT when talking about magnets.  Here is a presentation for the Enoboard that another 1st grade teacher created.  

The students walking around testing out their magnets.

A poster that goes with our Science program.  We made predictions as to what our magnet would attract to.

Magic E-found these great activities courtesy of Pinterest and TpT.  The students had to work with a partner to add the E and create the new word, then draw a picture of the new word.  

Magic E wand

Our Magnet activity-Students tested out various materials to see what would attract and what would not attract-courtesy of TpT

Magnet Scientists in Action

Example of Student Work

Students in Action

Some of the materials they tested

We created Compound Cupcakes. The students had first find their compound partner and complete the compound puzzle.  They then worked with that partner to create the cupcake. (This is my sample)

Tray of items for Magnet activity

Magic E videos from youtube!!! Amazing videos that my class ask to watch everyday!

Some of my math center for our math game day on Thursdays. We practice our fluency facts and then each table gets 2 games to work with.  The games are practice and reinforcement of what we have been doing in the classroom.

Practicing how to use a number line

A subtracting game

More magnet student work

I uploaded a few documents.  Some of the documents go with Treasures/Tesoros and I have incorporated them as HW or center activities (circle the sight word, find the words with the syllables we are learning for the week, etc.)  I also uploaded some poems for February/March and a Spanish HW worksheet that I use. The items that say Unit _/ Week_ go with the Treasures/Tesoros for that unit and week.  I plan on using the ICE activity this week while we continue to study the Magic E. I'll post pics of that next weekend!

Happy teaching everyone! Alyson Hennessy


  1. You have a lot of great things to share posted! Thanks so much! :)

    Thanks for linking up to my FB post. I'm glad I was able to find you! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  2. Thanks!!!! I found a lot of great blogs out there today because of the FB post!!!! I am still working with my blog to upload more things for teachers to use in their classrooms and I am planning on creating my own TpT store soon!!!!
    Thanks again!!!!