Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting ready for Spring!

Wow! I can't believe how close spring is! We still have some snow on the ground but warmer temperatures are here...well...warmer than they have been! My feet are DYING to get into flip flops!
Lots of fun stuff this month! My twins turn 3! I can't believe it! And they are almost fully potty trained....I love seeing them grow up but at the same time, wish time would slow down...
Here is a pic of the girls at their school/daycare-they are at the event "Going on a Bear Hunt"

I have been working hard to create fun learning centers for my little amigos!  After many travels to the Dollar Stores, Target, and Walmart, I was able to set up Easter Egg baskets full of eggs that contained the sight words of the week, spelling words of the week, and fun math adding and subtracting activities! The class had a lot of fun with them this past week and I will continue to use them for the rest of the month!
I also began to incorporate some Whole Brain Teaching methods into my class! I have read some amazing articles and watched many videos about WBT and I have to say, it works! We are doing the "Happy Face/Sad Face" point system.  When the class is on task, doing their jobs, etc., I say, "Give me a WOHOO" and they repeat me. They earn a happy face point for this.  If they are off task, not following directions, etc., I say, "Give me an AWWWW" and they repeat me.  They earn a sad face point for this.  I use the points on a weekly basis so at the end of the week if they have earned more Happy Face points, they earn extra recess time and if they have more Sad Face points, they lose some recess time.  We had one good week and one sad week so far but it was close! I have already seen a change in how they are able to transition and follow directions as a class and I am hoping to see even more positive changes!  My plan for next year is to start from the very beginning with WBT.
I have also started my own TpT store! It is so exciting!  
Come check it out!  
Here are a few freebies for you!

Happy teaching everyone! This week I have a conference (Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday!) and report cards!!!! And don't forget extra help, after school meetings, a midterm, and reading!!! =)

Alyson Hennessy

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