Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A great website for Spelling practice! And some other odds and ends...

I found this great website that is great for weekly Spelling practice!


It is free, or you can upgrade to the premium package to allow the students access to different activities.

You sign up and upload your spelling list each week and the students can then practice.  My students today showed me Hang Mouse, which is a game similar to Hangman, with the spelling words!

Right now, I just have the basic package but I would love to eventually upgrade because you can then keep track of student work and progress. For now, I have the students' parents sign their homework sheet.

On a different note, I love how enthusiastic my class is about learning a second language! They love watching videos on YouTube and singing the songs! Their favorite right now is this one!

They sing it all the time!! It is great also because it helps with the syllables.  
They also love this alphabet song in English-

I also have to say here that I love PINTEREST and I just want to say thank you to all of those great creative minds that share and create these ideas!  

For those of you out there who use Treasures/Tesoros, I created 2 poems for Unit 1, Week 1 to go with the theme-We are Special.  For Spanish- A mi me gusta  For English-The cat

The CatU1W1 amimegustaU1W1

So excited for Pumpkins this week! And next week, we start to do Community Helpers, with a focus on Fire Fighters for Fire Safety! I love doing thematic units with my class!
Have a great week everyone!!

Alyson Hennessy

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