Friday, September 13, 2013

First week down! Plus my Second Facebook Frenzy!!!

So my first week is done!! Got lots of supplies organized, projects done, books read, routines and schedules learned, and MUCH MORE!!   In my district, we are implementing the new ELA and Math Common Core modules so it is a lot to learn but my students are really enjoying the fables that I read the past 2 days and learning new math concepts.
I took a few pictures of activities we did the past 5 days!!!
First Grade Fascination had this GREAT Splat the Cat, Back to School Craft!! We read the story and then using the information from the book, we did a mind map about Splat!  I am going to use the -at phonics pages in the packet next week when I begin reviewing short a sounds on my English days! 

We watched a GREAT video on You Tube about sight words and most were review words from Kindergarten.  We made a list that I hung up in the room and then the kids had to make 5 using Play-Doh!! They LOVE using the Play-Doh!!! I am going to introduce this as my word work center next week for both English and Spanish day!

My friend in 1st grade with me had this GREAT project and I am not sure where it came from. The bus has windows with the days of the week and the kids have to cut and glue their SPECIAL schedule down.  They brought it home so that the parents are aware of what days are Gym days so they can wear sneakers and when Library is!

Math about me! from First Grade Smiles...I am going to hang these up for Back to School night!!! 

A quick math sheet to see which students can write their numbers and count objects to 20...I received it from another 1st grade teacher and I am not sure where she got this from! Sorry!

We went over our rules for Independent Reading! They each received book bags and 2 books at their level to look at.  We also used these books to identify character and setting from our whole group lesson!

We are using CLASS DOJO in our school as a behavior plan....I incorporate it with my behavior chart as well-I add points to their scores depending on the color they are on...the kids LOVE IT!!!!! 

We went over different math manipulatives to use to count...each table got a box of objects to use to count and fill in 10 frame boxes.

Great game for review and also a quick assessment!! I put all of my magnetic letters on the rug and then picked students to find certain can easily differentiate the lesson.  I asked certain students to find letters based on sounds, others by just naming the letter, and others by giving them a word and having them find the beginning sound.  They liked this game!

Here are some videos I showed this week from Youtube!

We ended the week with an Interrupting Chicken activity for SS (cute book!) and discussing what writers do during our writing block.  
Hope everyone had a great week!  I will be back to post more pics next week!! =)
I am also participating in my SECOND Facebook Frenzy!!! I am so excited!!!!! 
This pic is from Crayons, Cuties, and Common Core!!! =)  She has awesome stuff!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! 

Alyson Hennessy

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