Friday, July 12, 2013

Latest product!!!!

Wow! It has been way too long since I have been here! I am so sorry for that! My last day was back in June but between my assessments, packing up my room, and then getting ready to go camping and just relaxing, I have not really had time to do that much! =( I have managed to work on some new products for my classroom that I posted on my TpT store. Here are some great pics!

A preview of my newest packet "Awesome Alphabet Activities"!

  I printed it out to check the size and layout of things one of my 3 year olds wanted to try it out! She loved them and asked for more!
My "I'm done, now what?" packet (English)

My Job chart packet (English and Spanish)

I have been having a great time this summer! We went camping with my in-laws, saw Monsters U (it was the first movie I took my girls to-they LOVED it!, have gone to the park a few times, had a lot of birthday party celebrations, and much more!  Even though I still have over a month of vacation left, I am still getting ready and prepping for September!! I have been going onto Pinterest everyday and TpT to check out the great ideas and products!  I know the new year will be here before I know it!  I even had a back to school dream last night! Those usually don't start until August!!! Oh boy! 
For those of you who start teaching in the next few weeks, good luck! To everyone else, I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Alyson Hennessy =) 

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