Friday, July 13, 2012

Enjoying my time off but always planning ahead...

I love mornings like this! My girls woke up and we snuggled in bed together watching Disney Jr and just relaxing! While they were coloring, playing with Play-Doh, and then using their shopping carts to go "shopping" in our cabinets, I was doing some research!  My to-do list is growing and growing as each day passes!  I am also trying to decide what theme I should do for the classroom-Either Hollywood or Jungle/Animal print. There are so many great ideas out there! I found this blog called clutter free classrooms that had amazing pics and ideas! - great ideas!!!!!

I also found an idea that involves scrapbook paper, certificate size picture frames that can be purchased from the dollar stores, and ribbon.  A teacher used this to list her objectives for each subject. She had the subject on the scrapbook paper, such as MATH or SCIENCE but then used a dry erase marker to write the objectives on the glass part of the frame!  She then used the ribbon to hang it up!  When I start this project, I will post pictures! 
Idea of the day-Get a LARGE binder and divide it into the months of the year. As you find ideas on the internet or Pinterest or my favorite, Mailbox magazines (I get mine from the library!), print or photocopy the idea/lesson and place it into the correct month of the binder. I started to do this because I went from having a very large filing cabinet to having one with only 2 drawers that barely opened before you put stuff in.   As you plan your weeks, you can go through and find centers, worksheets, homework, or other cool classroom ideas!  My binder has ideas for K-2 and I hope to get it more organized before it is time to go back.

We also have used FUNDATIONS in 2 of the districts I have worked in so I have a binder of lesson templates and also ideas that I have found to add as a Word Work center or to add to a lesson. 
As many of you know, Echo the Owl is a key player in Fundations!

I also found a list that I use during the first few weeks of school.  It is geared towards a K classroom but can be easily modified.  I use this as my CHECKLIST to make sure that the students are aware of the classroom routines and also school routines, such as fire drills.  As I go through, I check off or cross off what I have done (you can see some of the marks on my paper!)

I am also working on my back to school letter and as soon as it is finalized, I will post it in both English and Spanish.
Happy blogging!


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